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Saturday, June 21, 2008

John Hopkins and University of New South Wales - What Do You Think?

1. The Singaporean government is known for being generous in injecting millions of dollars into international research projects. It can also be cold and ruthless if these projects fail. Singapore ended their collaboration with a medical research arm of the Johns Hopkins University in Singapore, accusing it of not delivering ‘the goods’. This will send "shock waves” through other universities and research institutes and is the first important failure of Singapore's biomedical research projects.

2. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) shut down its campus in Singapore in June 2007. This is because of a financial shortfall of $15 million a year. The target was to ahve 300 students but there wre only 148 students. Some of those enrolled have already paid betwen between S$26,000 and S$29,000 a year. In the first place, it was the Singapore's Economidc Development Board which invited the UNSW in 2004 to start up the campus in Singapore. Do you think this is damaging to Singapore's aim of becoming a global hub for education?

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